About me

meI studied Fine Art at De Montfort and L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Strasbourg receiving a BA (Hons). As an artist, I find the craft of painting therapeutic and I'm inspired by the colours which surround me and the beauty of natureMy paintings are created in watercolour.

I draw in pencil first, allow the image to appear and then paint the first colour, let it to dry and return to view the painting, my intuition to guides me as to the next colour. These paintings are gentle and calm almost whimsical, imaginary scenes with a certain innocence about them and, once again, inspired by Scotland.

I notice the dry stones walls covered in lime-green lichen and moss, farm houses and their steadings. I see the grand stately homes and our stunning castles, some still lived in, some in ruins or part-ruined. Then, of course, there is the actual landscape – the fields and the ever-changing colours throughout the day and the seasons, which can be all in one day in Scotland!

The colours move from green to purple as the light changes. The landscape surrounds me; it appears sometimes to be alive. I live within it and wake up to it each morning. I am truly blessed to live where I do and create my original works of art.