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Original Cards and Paintings By Emma Herdman

Are you looking for an original painting which is unique?

Are you looking for a gift which shows you have thought about the person?

Want a present with a difference or something for yourself? 

Then you are in the right place. I paint, not print in watercolour, gentle, calming scenes inspired by the place where I live. 

My work has been commissioned as a new home gift, wedding present, Christmas, birthday - essentially you name the occasion!  

I've even been commissioned to create a painting of a summerhouse, as it was loved so much!

You can also choose from my range of personalised families of animals - choose your animal, sheep, cow, pig or any of your choice add in the names of your family and you have a unique gift. 

To order go to my shop page, contact me on either +44 (0) 1578 722 837 or email me at  info@emmaherdman.com. I'll be in touch to personalise the details of your one-off painting. 

I now have an ETSY page as it is a site which is trusted to buy from - Emma's ETSY Shop.